Where we are

Milazzo is a little artistic town, with several Milazzo important monuments: The Castle, declared recently National Monument, built on 1600 by Arabs and Normans. On 1608 has been built inside it the Cathedral, (recently restored)  and it is possible to visit it at certain time during the day. The Milazzo Duomo is located in the centre of the town with a wonderful square in front of it. Via Giacomo Medici , (the main street) recently restored and closed to traffic for a wonderful walking and visit to all nice shops, nearby you may find the Marina Garibaldi, a wonderful sea promenade on the east side of the town.

Il Borgo Antico , on a hill nearby the Castle,  is a lively and animated place, full of restaurants, pubs,  and meeting point for young people in the late evening,  expecially on Summer for the “movida”.

The B&B is locatedin the heart of Milazzo, as Via Capitano Massimo Scala, 26.

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